Our Story

It’s All Greek to Me is a Greek restaurant and souvlaki bar with an authentic range of ‘unspoilt’ regional dishes and selected wines from across mainland Greece and our islands.

Our seasonal menu uses only the best ingredients (including organic and gluten-free) and flavours that tell the story of our history and influences over the ages.

Food and wine have been central to our culture since the beginning of Greek civilisation. Ambrosia - the food of the gods - was said to give immortality and Dionysus, the ancient god of wine, played a central role in society.

While we can’t promise everlasting life, we’re proud to continue in the traditions of our ancestors, placing the quality of our food and wine centre stage.

So treat yourself to a tasty snack in our laid-back souvlaki bar or enjoy a leisurely evening in our boutique restaurant downstairs. With imported specialities, a deli counter of artisan produce and a selection of unique wines, it really is all Greek and the best Greece has to offer.


A great place for the lovers of Greek cuisine and music.

Food is amazingly good both in taste and price.

A friendly environment, highly recommended ???

Vaia Daldis Avatar
Vaia Daldis

Highly recommended! Real taste of pitta with souvlaki!

Giota Marra Avatar
Giota Marra

Authentic flavours, friendly atmosphere and most of all, fresh food. You know a Greek restaurant is the real deal when you have Greeks eating there and every table had at least one Greek voice.

Katerina Sousa Avatar
Katerina Sousa


Book a table for two with the best Greek dishes served for the anniversary. Or reserve a bigger one for a huge family to get together one sunny day. Gather your friends together


You can also impress your boss by choosing the best place for corporate party with your co-workers. Reserve a spacious room, set the menu, choose the drinks and invite guests.

Live Events

We host live events every Saturday where you can come and enjoy with us the simplified, yet rich sounds, which will make you experience a trip to Greece through a mixture of traditional and modern music.

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday

11am - 00:30am


11:30pm - 00:00am


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